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Hi! You've reached the homepage of Stephen Philion, Associate  Professor of Sociology and Director of the Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota at St. Cloud State University.

It all started with this at Fordham University in 1986. I completed my PhD  in sociology in 2004, when I defended my dissertation at the University of Hawaii on  The Discourse of Workers Democracy as a Terrain of Ideological Struggle in the Moment of Transition from State Socialism in China. That dissertation is now a book titled Workers' Democracy and China's Transition from State-Socialism, published by Routledge in 2009. 

Here's a link to my WBAI interview on my book and recent workers' protests in China A taste of the book can be found in an  article in the July, 2007  edition of Socialism and Democracy.

When I wasn't teaching, studying, or swimming in Hawaii, This is what I did.

I  lived for a period of 5 years in Taiwan and almost 2 years in Mainland China researching the impact of privatization (and more broadly Globalization) on workers across the Straits. I have spent much time interviewing laid-off workers and labor movement organizers-supporters throughout Mainland China.

I currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota, home of one of a number of midwest labor union movement activism bright spots .

In addition to recently guest-editing a special edition on China's Workers' Movement and the Global Financial Crisis, I've published academic journal articles on topics such as Workers Democracy vs Privatization in China, The Impact of Social Movements on Taiwan's Democracy,  A Sociologist Strategizing Protests with Chinese WorkersSocial Movement Theory and ClassA Critique of  the Smorgasbord approach to teaching about race (cowritten with Lindah Mhando), and The Social Construction of Race as a "Controversial" Topic in University Classrooms"

In the more popular online webzine format, an interview I conducted with Chinese Economist Han Deqiang on "The Social Costs of Neo-Liberalism in China"  was translated and published in the July, 2007 edition of Dollars and Sense. I also r co-wrote a piece with Chinese Labor activist Chi Hua responding to Robert Weil on issues of working class activism in China today, published at ZNET.

I have interviewed Jerry Lembcke twice on Conspiracy Theory, Fears of Betrayal, and the Antiwar Movement

I have contributed to
Monthly Review's Webzine with columns on topics such as Privatization and the Failure of US Occupation in Iraq ,   A Critical Review of So-Called "Sustainable Dialogues on Race" on American Campuses , my  interview with the adminstrator of the China Workers Website, and my interview with Jerry Lembcke on the I wrote a piece titled "Illegal?" Hey Lou Dobbs, Do Ya Really Wanna Go There?" I also recently wrote a little piece for ZNet that I called "Interrupting Neal Conan's Poker Game," and a response to Robert Weil on the state of China's Working Class Movement

Dr. Philion

Stephen Philion
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